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Wealthy Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa, the beautiful morning talk-show host of "Live with Regis and Kelly," is one wealthy broad! Ripa is currently being paid an astonishing $36,000 AN HOUR! If we break that down she is making $600.00 a minute and $10.00 a second. It's unbelievable that she is making more than minimum wage an hour in just one second.

With this large sum of money, comes the ability to own a lavish home. Her palice, have you, is so large and expensive that it even has its own small golf course! Her children are also quite spoiled. The last birthday party she thew for her child costed Ripa a total of $22,000.

Ripa is also classified as one of the best dressing babes in Hollywood. To stay on the top of her game she spends a LOT of money on clothing. Not to worry, she is GIVEN $75,000 a year just for a clothes shopping budget, which as we all know can go quite a ways in a mall. Her popularity and heavy status in Hollywood, not to mention fans loving her as a morning talk-show host, might lead into a position of taking over the current position of Katie Couric herself!

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